Our Services

Thoth London brings an equilibrium to the construction industry by convening innovative collaborations to drive change, by partnering with the most advanced organisations internationally, to help our clients lead by example, and create a global community of pioneers and change makers.


Sustainability Plans

Once an assessment is complete, the team at Thoth London works with clients in developing a project sustainability plan. After formulating key objectives, we develop a customized plan, complete with specific action items, proposed time-line and measurable objectives.


Our immersive walk throughs make it easy for you to monitor your investments. You’ll see the positive impact you’re making – for the planet and communities with preventative measure to ensure design compliance with regulations.

Community Impacting

By offering employability and training services for the community and ex forces employability, our inhouse team can offer work experience for those in the local community on sustainable build projects and new innovations.

Private Social Housing Funding

Once a project is identified a leasing agreement will be entered into by the Local Authority for a period not less than 25 – 45 Years, once delivered the Local Authority retain control of the site and are free to determine the business management of the site with no involvement from the Lessor.

Initiatives and Metrics

Once objectives and goals have been determined, participants then brainstorm various ways those initiatives could be implemented. Thoth London will compare innovations based on a variety of factors, such as, how easy the initiative is to implement, cost and impact it will have.

Smart City & Development Security Planning/Strategies

We advise and plan the latest security innovation and communications, maintenance and the supply of high-tech innovations through to implementation.


Project Coordination

We support design and construction teams to deliver the sustainability-related planning conditions and design commitments throughout the delivery of the project, including collating key environmental and social performance data for reporting purposes

Residential Advisory

This assessment is intended for residential consumers. The assessment is intended for a sustainability consultant to conduct the interview and provide recommended actions on all retro fit projects.

There is more to Thoth London than meets the eye, we have further services that will benefit any size development or project, get in touch to find out more information.